I have an Ow.

This past saturday, I started workin' on my fitness, a la, Fergie, obs. I woke up before the boy and did some yoga and pilates. Then, somehow, I convinced him to join in on Sunday morning (accountability, ftw). For a first timer, he did pretty well.

Then, hardest of hard, I woke up early and dragged my ass to the living room and did some more this morning. MONDAY. Work day. Beginning of a payroll week. BUT! I did it! THREE days in a row! *high fives self* (<-- That really just looks like you are clapping high in the air, bee tee dubs)

The OW part comes in because HOLY SHIT I HAVE MUSCLES UNDER ALL THAT JIGGLE! And I can FEEL THEM BURNING! WAAAAHOOOOOO. (i'd started to think even my own muscles had given up and jumped the shark.)

So, I weighed in this morning, for the challenge and sent my numbers over to Erika. While i'm not going to talk numbers here, I think it's important to note that I am a mere 2 el bees shy of my "All Time High" weight.

I thought this morning about where I was at that weight and how, now, when my life is so much different, and BETTER, I have again gotten to that number. I have some soul searchin' to do, ya'll.

Anywhoozle, three days! Yahoo! Tomorrow? My core may need a rest, but I'm thinking I might do a light yoga instead of skipping. I have a feeling if I skip, I'll backslide, and that is NOT what i'm doing here, folks.

Who's with me? Are you working to shed some poundage too? Just get healthier? Tell me! Buddies are always welcome!

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