I have a lot of pet peeves. Some are minor, others make me actually go bonkers.

Two have popped up in the last 24 hours (ok, more than that, but let's talk these two first)

The first: Your vs. You're. Yes, friends, they are TWO DIFFERENT WORDS and thus are NOT interchangeable. I ran across a link yesterday to a craft blog that had a really great idea in the linked post. But the TITLE of the blog had "your" when it clearly should have been "you're". So I didn't add it to my blogroll, because it would drive me crazy all the time.

The second: when Iphone owners brag about having an Iphone, and don't realize it. This is something I see on a LOT of blogs, but also on FB statuses of friends, and in general conversation. I mean, I really dont give a shit that you have an Iphone, a Blackberry, a Droid, or a god damn toaster for a phone, it's still JUST A CELL PHONE. It does not make you cooler, nicer, richer, or more likeable than me. It just makes you an iphone owner.

Oy. Vey.

Ok, i'm done. But I may revisit the "Pet Peevery" series again soon. :)

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