Let's get started...

Things I think are fantastic:
  • The smell of bread baking
  • The little noises my cats make when they are playing
  • Coffee
  • When my boyfriend puts his hand on the small of my back when we are out
  • Laughing. Really laughing
  • Being tattooed
  • The smell of rain on warm asphalt in the summer
  • Honesty
  • chapstick
  • a phone call from my best friend when I'm having a crappy day
  • hugs from my family when I haven't seen them in a while
  • Organization
  • Notes to Self
  • Pinterest
  • my therapist
  • talking to my mom every morning in the car on the way to work
  • Love.

I'm going to make this a running list.  As I think of more stuff that rules, i'm going to add it to my list.

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