Im going to challenge myself

No, this is not "Hey, its the end of the year and I'm making a RESOLUTION." Nay. This is a challenge to myself. Basically, I suck at follow through. I have started blogging twice. Once, on an old blog that I still have but will likely delete. The second here, on this one, where I wrote ONE SINGLE post and never went back. What the hell is wrong with me?

I've recently started working on myself more and more, and part of that needs to include me venting and "getting the shit out of my head" and, this is the hard one... waking up early and having a date with my treadmill.

I'm challenging myself to write in here more, and at least a couple times a week, keeping my date.  I will have to remember "Yesterday you said tomorrow". If I choose to not do it (blog or workout) today, i HAVE to do it tomorrow. See how that works. BRIBERY.

I cant promise this will be entertaining, but life, real life, rarely is all the time.


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