So, I'm turning 30

I'm not one of those people that is overly freaked out about the fact that I'm turning 30 in a little over 8 months. Actually, I'm kind of excited.  It's a whole new chapter in my life and an opportunity for me to really, truly focus on being authentically myself, which, unfortunately, I struggle with. 

Recently, on a blog I stalk follow, Hernando House, she posted about her 25 things to do before she turns 25 in February.  Its an awesome idea and while I had a wretched 25th birthday, I think 30 is going to rock.

Thus, here I am trying to think of 30 things I'd like to do before I turn 30 on August 28th.

  1. Complete my half sleeve
  2. - in progress!
  3. Pay off my credit card (i'm not far off on this one)
  4. Go to Philadelphia
  5. Journal consistently (at least 3 times/week)
  6. Start working out regularly (at least 3 times/week)
  7. Make sushi
  8. Go to a gun range with Steve
  9. Go on a picnic
  10. Go to the 3rd Annual Baltimore Foodie Experience
    Replacing the above as they raised the prices and its just ridic! So the new one: Reorganize the kitchen/pantry/extras to actually make sense
  11. See a concert
  12. Throw a party
  13. Pay for someone's coffee/lunch/toll etc in line behind me
  14. Complain less
  15. Be more grateful
  16. Plan vacation for my 30th/Steve's 40th Bdays
  17. Put a dollar in a jar every time I work out. Spend the money on new jeans when I've lost enough to NEED new jeans
  18. FINALLY plant that herb/veggie garden. Even if its just in pots
  19. Have dinner on the patio
  20. Go to a trivia night at a bar and participate
  21. Have a dinner or cocktail party with friends
  22. Complete those little nagging projects around the house (grout tile, paint trim, touch up paint in house)
  23. Get my canine tooth fixed
  24. Have a romantic weekend somewhere with Steve (Savannah, NYC, ??)
  25. Plan Cabin Vaca with the Bestie Fam
  26. Buy a new mattress (this may be difficult, but I think it's attainable)
  27. - Working on this!
  28. Purge all clothes/shoes/crap I don't need/no longer wear and donate to a shelter
  29. - This weekend's project!
  30. Do something awesome for my 30th Birthday

  • Start my 401k

  • Build a headboard for our master bedroom

  • Write a paper in advance for school (I am NOTORIOUS for doing it the night before or day of)
  • - I accidentally accomplished this, but I'm doing another this weekend, so I'll consider it complete!

    Holy hell that took longer than I thought it would. BUT, like my challenge to myself yesterday, DO IT. I MUST be my own motivation. No one is going to run on the treadmill for me, or do the things I want to do for me, *I* have to be the one to do it. And do it I will.

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